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Tunç Aksoy, finding innovative solutions to the yacht and marine sector since 2009, founded Future Yachts in 2012, in order to present his experience worldwide. His successful designs and ideas helped many designers and companies to stand out in competition.

Work Strategy
The Istanbul based company’s principle is to present solutions to its customers with the best price and quality. Development and innovation have been our primary philosophies in our works and always bring us to a higher level of customer satisfaction. Therefore our customers enthusiastically wait for the innovative solution without having to worry about it.

Future Yachts help companies develop marketing strategies for the yachts that are designed but not manufactured yet and also prepare revision designs for the existing yachts.

Project Solutions
Future yachts successfully accomplished a number of projects in Turkey. Engineers of Future Yachts are able to present a creative solution for your design and/or yacht, knowing the importance of that design to be convenient for manufacturing process. Besides designing, Future Yachts also provides consultancy services on-site.

To be a solution partner of firm, prestigious and innovative companies and while being aware of this partnership providing a top quality service and communication.


Targeting always perfection and enrich your company with designs that make you enjoy having others watch them rather than presenting them.
General Parnetship Technology
Future Yachts, was founded in 2012 with the purpose of presenting direct and target driven marketing strategies for yacht designers ,producers and all other companies those aim to market their maritime products. By a yearly contract with Future Yachts your marketing department will be strengthen with the work of our professional designers and rather than presenting you will enjoy others watching your presentation. Future Yachts provides this service with best price guarantee. Our work is carried out in a very short period of time thanks to our 570GHZ computer system. The system which supports a broad software base, is arranged according to the present projects needs.
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