Future yachts
Some References
• Alex Pirard Projects
• Bilgin Yacht / OYD • M67
• Bilgin Yacht / OYD • NB80
• Dunya Yachts / Ken Freivokh • Blade
• Dunya Yachts / Espen Oeino • DY006
• Dunya Yachts / Sterling Scott • Red Square
• Dunya Yachts / Sterling Scott • Warrior
• Sunrise(Solution Partner)
• Infiniti Yacht
• H2O Marin(Solution Partner)
• Ozgun Yacht Design / 49 M SQUALO BIANCO
• Bilgin Yacht / Questa Ela Vita • KRM Yacht (Design Upgrade)
• Muzaffer Şenyurt / Atalante (Design Renovation)
• Sercan Nerseoğlu / ROMM61m • ROMM
• Dunya Yachts / Soyaslan Design • Dreamon (Design Renovation)
• Sercan Nerseoğlu / ROMM23m • ROMM
• Selahattin Üldaş / Project V • Üldaş Yacht Design

Future Yachts Design
General Parnetship Technology
Future Yachts, was founded in 2012 with the purpose of presenting direct and target driven marketing strategies for yacht designers ,producers and all other companies those aim to market their maritime products. By a yearly contract with Future Yachts your marketing department will be strengthen with the work of our professional designers and rather than presenting you will enjoy others watching your presentation. Future Yachts provides this service with best price guarantee. Our work is carried out in a very short period of time thanks to our 570GHZ computer system. The system which supports a broad software base, is arranged according to the present projects needs.
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