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Uniqueness and innovation is our main philosophy in our works between designers, manufacturers or brokers.

Things you need to know about the process

While the project is being prepared for presentation, a meeting is held with the designer in order to clearly state what it is they want to preserve in essence. Future Yachts goal is not to market a product with altering its essence but to find the right way to market the soul of the product.

After this stage, a chart is prepared in line with the information retrieved. The customer is notified in every process of the chart.

All documents and contents are accepted under a strict confidentiality agreement at the beginning of the project. Every visual and conceptual step is shown to the customer for their consent.

While the project is being modeled, 3D stage preparations are made according to the ideas that take shape. All additional content needed for the project is established and supplied.

The rough 3D model which has been completed is given to the company after a written consent. After this process, the model is perfectly and completely installed to the visual platform.

After designing coating and texture, a more realistic environment is established with accessories which elaborate the stage.

The last step is adjusting the stage, lights and camera strobe around the design in order to capture the most impressive image.

The most important element in ensuring a realistic image is in the details. Making the model without details brings out an unreal effect. Therefore, we remind everyone to prepare all projects in the full scope.

Business Fields
• Preparation of 3D images
• 3D Yacht design and blueprints
• Yacht and design renovation
• Preparation of product presentation animations
• 3D hologram presentation
• Graphic designs for advertisements, inserts or brochures
• Corporate identity studies
• Design consultancy

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